Telemedicine Prize 2015


Der Telemedizinpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Telemedizin geht in diesem Jahr nach NRW: als Sieger wurde das holistische Telenotarztsystem der Universitätsklinik RWTH Aachen von der Jury ausgewählt.

Berlin, 05.11.2015 Traditionell fand am gestrigen Abend die Ehrung der Preisträger um den Telemedizinpreis 2015 im Rahmen des 6. Nationalen Fachkongresses Telemedizin im Berliner Ellington Hotel statt. Das “Aachener holistische Telenotarztsystem in der Routineversorgung” setzt moderne Informations‐ und Kommunikationstechnologien im Rettungsdienst ein...

pdf Pressemeldung 05.11.2015

DGTelemed in cooperation with healthcare institutions, healthcare companies and other partners is awarding annually the Innovation Prize Telemedicine.

The prize is awarded to organisations, individuals, interdisciplinary working groups or projects, having rendered outstanding contributions to telemedicine and of which the objectives correspond to those of DGTelemed. Any institution from the area of medicine, science or business, any physician, scientist or business member as individual person, any interdisciplinary working group or project group as well as any society or association can participate in the tendering.

The proposed project and/or paper may not have been proposed for another award and may not have participated successfully or unsuccessfully in another prize-awarding competition.

Applications have to be presented in written and in German. They must contain

The application may not exceed 25 pages in total.

A jury composed of representatives of DGTelemed and other persons of high standing is evaluating the applications and is selecting the laureate. The jury is chaired by the chairperson of the scientific committee of DGTelemed.

The prize is endowed with 5.000 €. The jury can select up to 3 laureates.

The prize is awarded on the occasion of the annual congress of DGTelemed.

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