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PM - 09.11.2011 - Telemedizin ist Bestandteil medizinischer Versorgung
PM - 07.11.2011 - Karl Storz Telemedizinpreis 2011 geht nach Berlin


Daniel Bahr, Bundesminister für Gesundheit

Grußwort vom Bundesminister für Gesundheit Daniel Bahr

Seit Oktober 2011 werden elektronische Gesundheitskarten ausgegeben. Diese neue, intelligente Chipkarte ist ein Baustein der Telematikinfrastruktur, die in Deutschland die Information und Kommunikation im Gesundheitswesen und damit die Patientenversorgung verbessern wird... weiter lesen »

pdf Grußwort vom Bundesminister für Gesundheit Daniel Bahr

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Brauns, DGTelemed VorstandsvorsitzenderIn Germany medical guidelines are drafted by scientific medical associations, by physicians’ self-administration bodies or by professional associations. Guidelines are elaborated in a systematic and transparent process; last, but not least they are scientifically based on recommendations for practice-oriented action. Goal of medical guidelines is to represent the state of the art within a medical discipline. They offer orientation for physicians in the sense of offering options for decision-making and for action. An intensive interdisciplinary cooperation is the foundation of optimal healthcare services for in- and outpatient respecting the guidelines. New technologies, e-health and telemedicine have become part of the healthcare services. Telemedical concepts and applications in different disciplines now have to be integrated in to the respective guidelines.

The 2nd National Congress is devoted to such issues. Experts of four medical associations will introduce the present state of the art und discuss future developments. It is often stated that the informational needs of the general practitioners and of the specialists have to be analyzed more thoroughly in order to safeguard an optimal guideline-based healthcare delivery for patients. The congress will pick up this discussion and contribute thus to improve healthcare delivery in the area of telemedicine.

The second day will focus on telemedical applications in Scandinavia. Long distances, a low density of population and medical healthcare services are no contradictions. Norway, for example, is a country with a low density of population with regions where patients are living far away from hospitals and other competent medical services. Since the beginnings of the 90’s Norway is making use of telemedicine to assist diagnostics in various projects. These projects as well as examples from Sweden and a cross-border EU-project will present the various potentials of telemedical applications. The presentation of different projects and contributions about how to better qualify healthcare professionals complement the differentiated spectrum of topics of the second day.

The organisers hope to have attracted your attention and to see you in Berlin in November.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Brauns
Chairperson DGTelemed
Prof. Dr. Manfred Dietel
Chairperson Scientific Board